A story, community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection and metaverse brand that has been summoned on the Ethereum blockchain.


A long time ago, a superbolide that absorbed cosmic energy exploded and broke up into thousands of small meteorites. These scattered meteorites made their passages through the wormhole and crashed to different planets of the multiverse. The one that landed on Earth, after absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, gave birth to the Monkey King. With all the experiences gained through obtaining the Western Sutra, the Monkey King finally attained enlightenment in meditation.

He found the mystery that there were 3333 identical monkeys, including himself, sharing the same origin in the Universe. They were all named Monkiz and scattered in different spacetimes after the explosion. Some fell on the frozen planet, some in Lava Star, Pandora and B-612 asteroid etc., having different growth experiences.

At that moment, he sensed the connection of all the Monkiz and was touched to tears. On realising he was not the only Monkey King, he was eager to join the other Monkiz. However, living on earth with limited superpowers, he could not travel through the multiverse to reach different dimensions.

After thousands of years, in the 21st Century, mankind has created the blockchain to develop a world they desire. Therefore, Monkey King summoned all Monkiz to transform into NFT through 72 metamorphoses. Then all Monkiz rushed to the metaverse and established a Monkiverse (Monkey Universe), allowing for their reunion. This is a world full of wonder, fun and love.

MonkiZ holders benefit

1. Possess voting rights on all major decisions of the project

2. Join a dedicated channel and get priority access to the latest project news.

3. Participate in offline events, such as meet-ups, to provide more opportunities for MonkiZ to interact.

4. Possess priority entry/ reservation rights at all events hosted by MonkiVerse, e.g., Metaverse & Exhibition Day.

5. Enjoy lifetime physical product discounts of MonkiVerse and the priority of purchase.



MonkiZ sold

Materialization: Each MonkiKing holder will receive a beautifully printed collectibles with separate FT code link.

Product Design: The officially designed product will send to the MonkiKing holder, and the amount sent will depend on the number of NFTs held. The content of the product is determined jointly by the community.

3D models: The early project holders will receive 3D models, to enjoy a sense of superiority.

Staking: Holders of MonkiKing can deposit their MonkiKing NFT in MonkiVerse in the form of stacking. After the issuance of token, the stakers can obtain a corresponding amount of tokens, which can be used to purchase branded products and preferentially purchase any NFTs on MonkiVerse.


MonkiZ sold

Goal! 2 months later,
Birth of MonkiQ (MonkiQueen): One glamorous MonkiQ (MonkiQueen) will be airdropped to the wallets of some MonkiKing holders— every holder who possesses three MonkiKing can own one MonkiQ.


MonkiZ sold

Issue Tokens: Users holding MonkiVerse NFTs will be able to exchange for a specified number of tokens. Tokens can be used to purchase branded products and preferentially purchase any NFTs on MonkiVerse.

Goal! 1 month later,
Golden MonkiKing: Hold a public charity auction, and the proceeds will be donated to xxx.

Goal! 2 months later,
Exhibition Release: Hold an NFT exhibition event, exhibiting MonkiVerse NFT and about MonkiVerse's ideas, creative sketches, and related artworks. At the same time, we will work with other art institutions and blockchain companies to expand the entire blueprint.

Goal! 4 months later,
Baby Monkiz: A symbol of a child's unrestrained, innovative hatching — it is about to bring a new look to MonkiVerse!

Goal! 6 months later,
Health Tokens: Issue an app to match the health of the body, mind, and spirit "play while exercise" in exchange for tokens so that health is at your fingertips.

Goal! 8 months later,
Elysium: Step into a whole new world of communication. Purchase land in the metaverse and cooperate with various amusement facilities to set up our Monkiz park. All holders in the community will jointly decide the building and development plan.


Founder & Artist
Co Founder & Managing Director
Corporate Advisory Director
Engineer & Token Developer
Operation Director
Product & Marketing Director
Strategy Advisor
Programmer & DeFi & GameFi Builder


Q: When will we mint?
A: The mint will begin at (TBC)

Q: Which cryptocurrencies and wallets do we support?
A: Only ETH is accepted. Recommend using MetaMask as a crypto wallet.

Q: What is our mint price?
A: 0.1 ETH per Monkiz.

Q: How many Monkiz are available to mint?
A: 3333 Monkiz will be available for purchase on Opensea.

Q: Is there a future roadmap?
A: Yes, the New campaign will be unlocked respectively after 20%, 50% and 100% of Monkiz went off. So stay tuned! Please refer to here for the details of the roadmap.